The FAR Academy is a registered charity and social enterprise which provides an alternative teaching style for those who have become disengaged including NEETS, LACs and SEN, also programmes for gifted and talented students, or can be embedded into existing secondary school programmes.

We give young people the opportunity to gain qualifications and reaffirm a positive attachment to learning through the bespoke and engaging syllabus, inspiring environment and experienced, dedicated staff. We seek to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth through courses within our unique learning environment.

Life skills and key employability underpins all the activities at The FAR Academy through the unique Project Based Learning (PBL) programmes which include a wide range of skills such as Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking skills and Emotional intelligence.

The FAR Academy equips young people with the key skills that they need to flourish. The FAR Academy offers a supportive, personalised learning environment in which strong pastoral care runs throughout the activities. This helps to ensure that no young person gets lost within the programmes and that young people are able to build strong relationships with their peers and tutors. Crucially, we know students well, making them better able to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and aspirations. To find out more about courses and other info, please visit The FAR Academy