Footprint Terje Snow Gamechangers Skateboarding Insoles

£39.99 inc. Vat

Just like a fingerprint, ever single person’s foot is unique. “Over the counter” premolded/ self-forming orthotics are simply gimmicks that cause more discomfort than relief because they don’t fit your unique arch… Only Footprint Insole Technology’s patent pending “Gamechangers” have achieved true lab level customization at home which you can mould over and over again. Finally, a real custom orthotic without doctor’s fee’s lab visits, high expenses and long waiting. Worldwide patents pending. 1. Heat in the Oven Heating to 110C for 8-10 minutes causes the inner arch chamber to soften and expand allowing the insole to take the exact shape of any arch. 2. Moulding Process The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Can be re-moulded for other shoes.